Saturday, April 14, 2007

We awoke Friday morning and the electricity and water were still off causing us to momentarily doubt the wisdom of God's plan for this city. We got the suitcases packed and house cleaned and then jumped into the car without a shower. Departure was at 8 AM.

By 10 AM we reached the Costa Rica – Nicaragua frontier. I took 60 minutes to do the paperwork required to get out of Costa Rica. 100 yards later we entered Nicaragua and spent the next hour and a half waiting in various lines for paperwork and paying fees, altogether normal in this part of the world. Everyone was professional and well organized. Still it is hot and frustrating.

Good roads (except for one stretch just before Granada), not much traffic. However, we stuck to the speed limit of 80 k/hr (50 mph). We arrived in Granada by 3 PM. Great place it is! The city has a long and wonderful reputation and seems to live up to it all. Granada is clean and organized. It feels very safe. But what knocks us over is the bright colors and great architecture.

We are staying at Hotel Kekoldi (, a small hotel built around a garden and filled with artwork both modern and old. $40 per night. The two dogs are doing fine. They like the air-conditioning! Muy bien! Me gusto mucho.

We walked about and took a carriage ride around the city Saturday morning taking lots of photos. A few photos are included here. Click on one to get a larger image.

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