Friday, April 20, 2007


We set out in high spirits for Antigua. The road was brand new and in amazing shape. It suddenly (very suddenly with no warning) turned into a rough, skinny gravel road. Our GPS device suggested we were not on track. A passing truck driver told us we were driving up a volcano. With very little room to maneuver, we got the car turned around and headed back. No great loss. We found Antigua quickly. Fine place.

Antigua is criticized for being “too touristy”. But we found it to be a great place. Like Granada, Nicaragua, it is preserved as an example of colonial architecture. Like Granada, many shops, resturants, hotels, and homes are built around lush gardens. We found a good guide to take the dogs and us around the city on foot. By noon we found a hotel in the center of Antigua that would take the dogs. Many small shops with brightly colored things tugged on us until we purchased some nice things.

The temperature is 72 degrees F. We are 5,100 feet or 1557 meters above sea level.

29 miles covered today.

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