Sunday, April 15, 2007

Leaving Granada

Blogging is good if you can do it in a garden in Granada, Nicaragua accompanied by your Sweetie and a fine Nicaraguan cigar.

In Granada, the most common architectural design for homes calls for a two-story home built around an open courtyard garden. The portion of a home facing the street is kept plain with a fancy doorway. One of the photos here shows a garden through a door. The other photo shows a garden courtyard from above.

Nicaragua has no time for soccer; it’s all about baseball. Every small town in Central America is build around a soccer field except for Nicaragua. Canada donated a nice field for kids in Granada. When you see people sitting around on their doorstep listening to the radio, you can be sure they are listening to a ball game.

We left Granada at 8 AM and by 1:20 PM we reached the Nicaragua – Honduras frontier. The roads were smooth and well marked; traffic was light. We saw big rice fields and tobacco farms with their drying barns. The road took us up into the mountains.

By 3 PM we cleared the border $90 lighter. Don’t like it? Take a plane. It sure keeps the people of Central America from casually moving around. At 3:30 PM we stopped in the little town of Danli, Honduras and found a room at the Hotel La Esperanza (Hope Hotel). Tomorrow we have to make it through the capital city. What is the name of the capital of Honduras? A good Jeopardy question.

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