Friday, April 20, 2007

Guatemala Transit

Copan Ruinas, Honduras is only 6 miles from the Guatemalan frontier so we arrived at the border by 8:30 AM. This is one of several borders where the two countries work together. We drive through one gate and we are in a neutral zone, we are neither in Honduras or Guatemala. The goal is a gate 100 meters away. The two countries have their offices combined in three buildings. Everyone is friendly. The cost to exit Honduras and enter Guatemala is less than $40. No one cares that we overstayed our visit to Honduras and are missing a Honduran entry stamp. Ginette wraps thing up in 55 minutes (a record!) while I keep the dogs happy. The attached photo shows Ginette walking about in the neutral zone.

Winding mountain roads, good two lane roads take us to the outskirts of Guatemala City (“Guat City”) by noon. We dreaded crossing Guat City but there were no real choices (all roads lead to Guat City). Bad, awful traffic, like Manhattan, New York but at 45 miles per hour. (I am too old to drive in Guat City ever again!) Auto and bus pollution spill out from every vehicle. Some how we scooted out with out a dent and with no blood on the fenders. As we got to the far side of the city we got a little lost but recovered well.

We found our way to the area of Chimaltenango with its mountains, winding roads, small farms and lots of Mayan descendents. Ginette found a quaint country inn called La Posada de mi Abuelo outside of Parramos, Guatemala. It was like an inn in the French countryside. We were the only guests. Our two dogs could run freely with the 5 dogs and 5 horses that lived there. Great black bean stew was served for dinner with a Chilean wine.

183 miles covered today.

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