Tuesday, April 24, 2007

FMT Rant

Another day of nothing but travel. We started at San Cristobal and it took all day to get to Palenque, a distance of 132 miles (213 km). That gave us an average speed of 29 miles per hour (46 k/hr). The slow speed is due to the fact that we were cutting through the mountains. We woke up with 60 degree F temperature in San Cristobal because we were at 6,805 feet. The trip ended at 213 feet in Palenque close to the Caribbean coast and a temperature of 99 degrees F. But, most frustrating were the hundreds of speed bumps or FMTs (Mexican Topes) we encountered. In some places the FMTs were in groups of 5 spread over 500 yards; in other places they suddenly appeared out of nowhere for no apparent reason. About 66% had warning signs and the rest did not. The FMTs are big enough that you have to come to a full stop and creep very slowly over them. Driving faster than 30 mile per hour is not practical because any discoloring on the road could be an FMT or just a shadow. Rant, rant rant.

The things are really out of control here. No other country in our travels has allowed the indiscriminate use of these things. FMT !

There are plenty of good hotels around however the good hotels do not look kindly on our two dogs being in their guest rooms. For tonight we have another $20 hotel. This one is worth $20 but not $21. This one has a toilet and shower in the room but no shower curtain and no toilet seat. No air conditioning.

We see the Mayan ruins at Palenque tomorrow morning and then head north along the Caribbean coast. Houston will be a welcome rest stop this weekend!!!

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