Thursday, April 12, 2007

Naked In The Rain

Our last night in Coco. We were waiting for the water to come back on so we could get cleaned up and go out to dinner. The water fails almost once a day here. Lots of water, they say, but the distribution system can not keep up with the explosive development. Now the first long rain in months starts. The power goes out. Everything is darker than the basement of Sacred Heart Church during Easter Vigil. Great, really great. Seriously, it is wonderful if you can relax and enjoy.

So after admiring the rain and the darkness, we got naked and found a place to sit in the back yard. We sat naked in the rain for an hour until we felt clean and cool. It was a rare experience! (No photos were taken to record the event.)

We found a restaurant in town that has wireless internet, good beer, sushi, and a great open-air space where we can smell the rain without getting our laptops wet. God is great!

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