Monday, April 16, 2007


Several times along the highway we saw this sign. We were afraid to stop and ask how big they had to get to warrant road sign.

In Danli, Honduras we met a group of 10 gringos in our hotel who were from a Methodist church in Boston; they came down to help with the building of a church in Danli. The hotel is named “La Esperanza”. It was not much and way over-priced at $36.

From the Hotel La Esperanza we drove to the town of La Esperanza. The first three-quarters of the trip we had excellent roads. The capital city of Honduras, Tegicugulpa could not be avoided; we feared having to go through it. Surprise! The city had some good expressways and we stumbled upon one that took us through the city in 15 minutes.

Next the road took us up into the mountains. We got as high as 6,000 feet and the temperature fell to 58 F / 14 C. We were in the clouds. Coffee could be seen growing under banana trees. Then we came to a part where the road was rough, the map dead wrong and the GPS had no details to offer. All of that frayed nerves and slowed us down. 3 PM came along and we found ourselves at La Esperanza (The Hope), a rough little town. The good news is that we discovered a real gem of a hotel! 190 miles today.

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