Thursday, April 12, 2007

Turning North

Yesterday we brought out our suitcases and started packing. Immediately the two dogs got to thinking something was up. So they have been making every attempt to get into the car just in case we leave and forget to take them.

We leave tomorrow for the "far north". Sure hope the snow has melted! We are leaving a bit wiser in the ways of Central American travel, Ginette's command of Spanish is much stronger, and the car is not loaded down with "stuff".

Our schedule is below. It is subject to change due to whims, breakdowns, acts of God and the like. We are, after all, both unemployed at the moment and proud of it. (Ginette is a bit bored now and is ready to go back to work.)

April 13 Friday -Leave Coco, cross into Nicaragua, stay in Granada
April 14 Saturday -Tour around Granada
April 15 Sunday -Leave Granada for Honduras border, overnight in Danli Honduras
April 16 Monday -Drive to Copan in Honduras, try to overnight in Copan
April 17 Tuesday -Tour Mayan ruins in Copan
April 18 Wednesday -Leave Copan for Guatemala border
April 19 Thursday -Visit Antigua in Guatemala
April 20 Friday -Antigua and leave for Lake Atitlan
April 21 Saturday -Lake Atitlan
April 22 Sunday -Lake Atitlan
April 23 Monday -Leave Lake Atitlan for Mexican border
April 24 Tuesday -Drive to San Cristobal in the mountains of southern Mexico
April 25 Wednesday -Drive to Palenque, Mexico
April 26 Thursday -Drive the Caribbean coast of Mexico
April 27 Friday -Drive along the Caribbean coast of Mexico
April 28 Saturday -Cross into the US at Brownsville, Texas
April 29 Sunday -Drive to Houston and visit Mary and Larry
April 30 Monday -Stay in Houston
May 1 Tueday -Leave Houston for New Jersey
May 2 Wednesday -Drive to Knoxville TN
May 3 Thursday -Drive to Philadelphia
May 4 Friday -Visit friends around Cherry Hill
May 5 Saturday -Visit friends around Cherry Hill
May 6 Sunday -Mass at Sacred Heart in Camden
May 7 Monday -Drive to Drummondville, Quebec

1 comment: said...

Sounds like life is good. You and Ginette certainly deserve it!!!

I am SO looking forward to seeing you at Sacred Heart.

xxx Liz Egan