Thursday, April 26, 2007

Palenque Ruins and Mexico to Veracruz

Wednesday night I created an entry for the blog but ate it! Something went wrong in Google land. Let's catch up.

Wednesday morning was spent visiting the Mayan ruins outside of Palenque. Beautiful place it was. The whole place was green and tranquil. We walked through some of the darkest and thickest jungle I have ever seen to visit some parts. The place was well landscaped. Many of the Mayan residential areas were partially restored.

We could not spend much time there so by 11 AM we scooped up the dogs and luggage from the hotel and drove toward Veracruze on the Golfo de Mexico. Suprise! Super highways almost all the way. We covered almost 400 miles in the afternoon, averaging about 65 mph and often running along at 80 mph. Some sections of the road were the equal of any superhighway in North America. Best of all NO FMT's !

It was 40 degrees C (104 degrees F) out on the highway.

We rolled into Veracruz in the early evening and started looking for a hotel that would take dogs. After several rejections Ginette broke into tears in the lobby of Hotel X (we are not allowed to use the real name of the hotel). Just then the owner of the hotel came by and said we could stay but no one was to know that dogs were in the hotel; when we took the dogs out of the room they would have to be wrapped up in disguise!

It was a nice hotel.

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