Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Home at Last

We arrived Sunday night at 5:30 PM. Tired, happy, still married. We did think many times that the dogs should be quietly left along side the road some place. All in all, it was not a difficult trip. We had no real problems. 4,774 miles (7,684 km) in 13 day. We did almost no sight-seeing.

Tonight or tomorrow we will tell more about the trip and put some photos up.

Since we arrived we have been busy setting up housekeeping, buying tools, buying food, washing clothes and all those good things.

We hear that the weather up north has been bad. Want to get out of Dodge?


Christopher said...

Out of Dodge? Heck yeah!

If you see a job for for me, call and we'll be on the next plane.

Betsi said...
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Betsi said...

Ditto to Christopher's message! Out of Dodge, Chrysler, Nissan, Subaru...
Glad you are settled - and still married with 2 dogs!
We wil take the easy route and fly when we come (we will give you a bit of time to get settled before descending upon you - how is next week?)