Sunday, January 7, 2007

Down the Mexican Coast

We crossed into Mexico without a hitch. Everyone was wonderfully helpful. We told them we wanted to declare somethings and showed them our manifest; the border officials said "move on...and oh, by the way, the Peros Bravo sign on your car is very funny". We asked where we should go to process the dogs and they said "you have papers for them?" and we said yes. The official said fine and walked away.

Sailing down the road was fun. The roads have been in great condition and well marked. The country looks vast and green and empty. Vast rancharos out there. 3,089 miles from Quebec now. 319 miles covered today.

I am writing from the hotel in Tampico and listening to a full, live dance band play latin dance tunes for some local dance club in the romantic. I am liking it. Ginette is liking it. The dogs are not so sure but are trying.

On to Vera Cruze tomorrow and turning over to the Pacific coast for the remainder of the trip. Come join us !


maureen said...

So happy you're both doing well.
I'm enjoying your trip a lot!
Via con Dios. Un Abrazo, muy fuerte
y muchos besos. Maureen

Christopher said...

Glad to hear that the roads are treating you well. We miss you already. I have a list of the places you'll visit on a whiteboard in my office and everyone at Subaru comes by periodically to monitor your progress.

Much love.

Mary said...

I too am glad all is fun and exciting. It was very nice seeing you. I've thrown my back out just in time for my trip. Good thing all that is required of me is sitting. Ten day forcast for Snowmass is a high of 0. I'll be envenying your 80+ down South.

Love, and keep the blogs coming.

Cristina said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure with all of us. I am excited reading about it and I guess you and your perros bravos will never forget it! It's inspirational for me and nice to be in touch. Buena suerte y no bebe el agua!