Friday, January 5, 2007

Dumb and dumber

We left Hammond, LA (totally unmemorable town) and drove to Mary and Larry's home north of Houston. Lots of rain in LA...a squall ! We arrived and found that I had (oh no) left our laptop computer at the motel !!!

Well, check the web, call the motel...they had it; they were quite accustomed to dumb people leaving things behind. Checked the web again for UPS, called UPS in Hammond, they went to the motel and got the computer, packed it up and we had it the next day before 10:30 AM. Modern miracles ! How did they compensate for stupidity in the old days?

Larry fed us wonderfully. Mary and Larry's two dogs and a cat and our two dogs got along fine after some initial hissing.

Saturday morning, January 6 we set off for Brownsville Texas where we will stay over-night before facing the big frontier. We are told that most folks pass the length of Mexico in 3 days.

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Cristina said...

√ Laptop
√ Passports

At least you didnt' leave the dogs at the hotel by accident!