Saturday, January 6, 2007

Brownsville Border Crossing

We had breakfast with Mary, Larry, Margaret (Mary's daughter), Mary's two dogs, our two dogs, and one cat (Senior Gato, who belongs to no one). Delightful. By 9 AM we were on the road. 410 uneventful miles we arrived at Brownsville, Texas. A total of 2,770 miles so far. South Texas was vast. Great plowed fields that stretched to the horizon. Brownsville is a great town. There are so many Mexican faces and accents that it seems we have already crossed over. But most of the people in Brownsville have been here for generations.

Tomorrow morning we cross the border and will drive south through Ciudad Victoria and on to Tampico on the coast. We might be able to reach Poza Rica. Folks here tell us we can drive the length of Mexico in 3 days.

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