Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Culture Shock

Wednesday, January 10

The drive through the mountains from San Cristebale de Las Casas to the Guatemalan border was filled with grand vistas...we were running in and out of the clouds. Mexico looking good.

Then we came to the Guatemalan border town of La Mesilla, highway CA1. Tiny place...try to find that on a map. Wow! The scene was right out of the TV series Deadwood. The money changer in the cowboy hat in the middle of the street looked just like the evil bar owner in Deadwood!

We got through just fine with no hitches despite the crazy, circus like atmosphere. We got out of there and ran to the Guatemalan city of Huehuetenango (the locals call it Huehue, sounds like way-way). Nice hotel and a good dinner.


Sylvie said...

Bonjour à vous deux,
Nous suivons votre itinéraire...
bonne chance pour la suite.
P.S.J'ai envoyé ton enveloppe avec les documents manquants.

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys! Love the blog. Mike, you are quite a travel writer! What I've read and seen is magnificent--those pot holes do sound "better" than Philly's, though. We will be checking you out regularly--hoping for more armchair (or PC chair) travel.

How are the dogs reacting? To the climate--the change of topography? Give us a lowdown. Guess you are still talking with each other, Ginette? Bien!

Via con Dios! Susana (y Burt)

Betsi said...
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Betsi said...

Your trip sounds very exciting, but i think when i come to visit, I will fly. I know - Boring! Since it has been 5 days since your last writing, you must be closer to your new home.
All is well here - we miss you!