Friday, December 15, 2006

March 2006

After several annual trips to Costa Rica we decided we really liked the place and should settle there. It was the Pacific coast, the northwestern corner of Costa Rica that we liked. In March 2006 we found this house in Coco. It is about a mile inland from the beach.

The last time we looked, Coco had one bank, one supermarket, one hardware store and countless chickens, dogs, and monkeys. But Coco is growing. Gringos from all over the world are coming in. Construction (for better and worse) has been going on 7 days a week for sometime now.

If you use Google Earth you can see the house and the rest of Coco. Our house is at 10 degrees, 32 minutes, 11.4 seconds North and 85 degrees, 41 seconds, 19.2 West.

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